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Diffuser Refill

Made with our luxury fragrances, our 100ml vegan-friendly diffuser refills come with a new set of reeds too, giving your diffuser a whole new lease of life!

With 5 fragrances to enjoy again and again - simply pour the liquid in your empty original diffuser jar and swap the reeds for a fresh new set (included).

Using aluminium bottles means they are lightweight, fully recyclable and rust-resistant. The bottles are such high quality that you could wash them out and reuse for something else: avoiding waste is the focus here!
You can buy a refill only or a diffuser + refill.

Directions: Refill your existing diffuser bottle with these refill oils. We recommend that you replace your reeds with brand new ones (supplied) as old ones can become saturated and clogged up, which will affect the scent capacity to diffuse freely into the room.

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