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Louis & Co Maison Collaborates with Inspirational Youngster Lily for "La Bougie De Lily" Candle to Support Lily's Sarcoma Appeal

Louis & Co Maison Collaborates with Inspirational Youngster Lily for "La Bougie De Lily" Candle to Support Lily's Sarcoma Appeal

Winchester, December 20th 2023 – Louis & Co Maison, a Hampshire-based home fragrance small business founded by George Gros & Lea Salomone, is proud to announce a heart-warming collaboration with Lily, a courageous young girl who battled and triumphed over a rare soft tissue sarcoma, for the creation of a special candle named "La Bougie De Lily" (translates to “Lily’s Candle”). The collaboration aims to raise awareness for Lily's Sarcoma Appeal, a Special Named Fund at the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG).



Lily's Story: A Journey of Courage and Resilience

In September 2020, Lily, at the tender age of nine, discovered a small lump on her right leg. What initially seemed innocuous turned out to be a rare high-grade undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma. Lily's journey included 10 rounds of chemotherapy, ovarian cryopreservation, surgery, and six weeks of radiotherapy. Her unwavering spirit, determination, and resilience saw her through the challenges of treatment.

Despite facing potential setbacks, Lily emerged victorious and is now cancer-free. However, she continues to navigate the aftermath of treatment, exhibiting strength and positivity. Lily's story is a testament to her indomitable spirit and her commitment to making a positive impact.



The Birth of "La Bougie De Lily"

 Inspired by Lily's creativity and love for candles, Louis & Co Maison joined forces with Lily and her family to create a special fragrance that captures Lily's essence. The result is "La Bougie De Lily," a delightful blend of sweet peach, coconut, vanilla, floral rose, jasmine, zesty lemon, and grapefruit notes. The candle embodies Lily's vibrant personality and resilience.

In a unique and memorable experience, Lily actively participated in the candle-making process during her very own workshop. From choosing the scent to pouring each candle, Lily left her mark on every aspect of "La Bougie De Lily."



La Bougie De Lily: A Fragrance with Purpose

Crafted with care in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, "La Bougie De Lily" is more than a candle; it's a symbol of resilience and hope. Each candle, made from a blend of soy wax and fragrance oil, offers a minimum burn time of 30 hours. Priced at £20, every penny of profit from the sale of "La Bougie De Lily" goes directly to Lily's Sarcoma Appeal, supporting research into childhood soft tissue sarcomas.




Louis & Co Maison's Commitment to Making a Difference 

Both George and Lea, of Louis & Co Maison, have had family members impacted by cancer, making Lily's story deeply personal. Touched by her journey, they were captivated by Lily's positivity. Louis & Co Maison feels privileged to be part of Lily's inspiring narrative, aiming to contribute to the cause of childhood cancer research.

"We at Louis & Co Maison are very proud to have created a product that can help support & fund research for CCLG," shared Lea. "Lily's story resonated with us on a profound level. We were and still are amazed by her, her zest for life, and kindness. Our hope is for this collaboration to last and evolve, combining our customer's love for beautiful home fragrance with their willingness to make a difference."


Unveiling at Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market

The collaboration reached a milestone with the unofficial launch of "La Bougie De Lily" at the Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market. The candles, adorned with custom-designed labels, were an instant hit, resonating with customers who appreciated both the product and the inspiring story behind it.


Quotes from Lily and her mum Kirsty:

 Lily expressed her joy, saying, "I'm so happy that I have worked with Louis & Co Maison on making my own candle, and I'm hoping to raise money for my special named fund."

Lily's mother, Kirsty, shared her excitement, stating, "We are so excited about this collaboration with Louis & Co Maison and are incredibly grateful for the opportunity. Lily loved learning the process from choosing her own scent to pouring the candles herself. We're hoping to raise money and awareness of Lily's Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group Special Named Fund and raise much-needed money for research into children's soft tissue sarcomas."


About Louis & Co Maison

Louis & Co Maison, founded by George & Lea, is a home fragrance small business that handcrafts all its products in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. Inspired by the enchanting ambiance of the French Riviera, in particular Lea's hometown Antibes, the brand originated in Winchester in 2021. Louis & Co Maison has since cultivated a devoted clientele in the county, offering exquisite home fragrance products that evoke the essence of the South of France.

As a local business deeply committed to making a positive impact, Louis & Co Maison invites the community to join them in supporting Lily's cause through the purchase of "La Bougie De Lily." Together, let's illuminate lives and contribute to ground-breaking research for children facing soft tissue sarcomas.


Lily’s Candle is available to purchase from Louis & Co Maison’s website:


For further information, please contact:

Louis & Co Maison: –

Lily's Sarcoma Appeal:

Children's Cancer and Leukemia Group (CCLG):

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