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How To Clean & Reuse A Candle Jar?

How To Clean & Reuse A Candle Jar?

If you’ve ever wondered how you can re-purpose your old candle containers, we have created a complete guide covering everything from cleaning out the old wax, to great ideas for reusing scented candle jars.


First things first: how to remove the old wax.

There are multiple methods you can use to remove old wax from your jars:

1. The Freezer Method

Wax will because brittle once frozen, so if you leave your jar in the freeΩer overnight and start to scrape the wax away with a butter knife the next day, you'll be able to get rid of big chunks. Works best with paraffin and bees wax.

2. The Let It Sit Method

Super simple: scrape as much wax as you can using a butter knife first, and then pour some boiling water into the jar with some soap. Let it sit for a few minutes. The left over wax should detach and raise to the top. Collect, throw it in the bin, empty the water and wash inside the jar.

3. The Double-Boil / Bain-Marie Method

This is our go-to and works every single time: simply fill a bowl or pot with a little bit of boiling water, and gently sit the candle container in it for a few minutes. The heat from the boiling water will melt the wax slowly, allowing you to pour the molten wax into a foil well or some kitchen paper. Wash your jar clean afterwards using rubbing alcohol if you have some, or hot water and soap otherwise.

Here's a video of how we do it:


The things you need to be mindful of:

1. You can save the old wax! If you use wax melt burners, wait for the old wax to harden again and break it into bits to melt in your burner. No waste! 

2. Each wick is being kept in place using a "wick holder", which you will find once the wax if fully removed. They are often stuck to the bottom of the jar using a sticky pad, which usually comes off with heat. Make sure to take those out and bin them.

3. NEVER, EVER pour molten wax down the drainsIt will cool and solidify, and probably end up clogging the pipe.

4. Be careful not to overheat glass containers; although they can contain high levels of heat, they are still fragile and can explode if too hot. This actually also applies to the freezing method! Take advice from the brand you bought the candles from or use your best judgment depending on the jar.

5. NEVER use the microwave to melt the old wax: the wick holders are made of metal, which could not only ruin your microwave, but start a fire!

re-purposed candle jar into a plant pot


10 Ideas on how to re-use your jars:

  1. Pen pot
  2. Succulent pot
  3. Cotton buds container
  4. Eyeliners or lipstick container
  5. Bobby pins container
  6. Match pot
  7. Flower vase
  8. Make-up brushes container
  9. Cotton wool container
  10. Loose change container


And because sometimes visuals speak louder, make sure you watch our videos below:


What other ideas do you have? Share them with us!

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