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An experience to share: a luxury candle-making workshop in Hampshire!

An experience to share: a luxury candle-making workshop in Hampshire!

Calling all our Hampshire people and visitors ūüĎ謆Don't miss your chance to indulge in a French-inspired experience of candle-making in Chandler's Ford!


What is it about?

Join us in a relaxed environment and learn how to make your own candles!

During the workshop, you will learn more about the science of candle making, and choose between 11 fragrances to make 2 candles of your choice. These will then be posted to you once cured (14 days later) free of charge. A step by step sheet to follow will be provided, as well as all the equipment required.

Will I be fed?

Remember when we mentioned the experience was French-inspired? You won't go hungry (or thirsty) with us!

Let us treat you to a¬†homemade French-inspired 'aperitif d√ģnatoire', as well as 2 glasses of wine per person! If you attend a morning session, you can expect a French-inspired breakfast.¬†

What's special about our workshops?

What matters to us is that you arrive excited, and leave us happy and relaxed! With a wide range of fragrances to choose from, we will walk you through our very own passion and insure you create candles you'll be proud to burn.

In an intimate environment, you will smell, mix, stir, stick, stick again, guess and even potentially win a little gift to take home that day!

Try your hand at candle-making! Ideal for beginners, we will guide you through the creative process and show you how to make your own candle.

A perfect experience for yourself, or to gift a loved one. Even better: attend with your loved one! 

Also a great alternative for an activity to share at a hen party, as a team-bonding event, for a birthday party, a group of friend's get-together, a parent & child shared moment... you name it!

We always found these sets to make a great gift: it is useful, lasting, and if coming from our shop, you know they are handcrafted and made in Britain too!

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